For Providers

Help Me Grow San Mateo County is here to partner with you, and with the families you serve! Our staff can help you access referral recommendations or connect families with developmental screening tools or care coordination assistance for children birth through five.

How We Partner with Providers

As you work with a child and their family, you may notice possible delays in their development. A parent or caregiver may express concern about their child to you and ask for more information. You can contact Help Me Grow San Mateo directly to discuss resources and services that you can share with a family, or you can refer the family directly to us — whichever feels right for you and the family. A referral is not required for families to contact us.

Referring a Child to Help Me Grow

You can connect a family directly to Help Me Grow San Mateo County by completing our referral form and sending it to us by fax or email. All San Mateo County children from birth through age five are eligible to receive free information and screening from Help Me Grow San Mateo County regardless of income and immigration status. We encourage you to speak with the family about Help Me Grow before you make the referral.

After a Child is Referred

After a referral is made to Help Me Grow San Mateo County, we will confirm with you that we have received the referral. We will contact the family within three business days. With the family’s consent we will update you on the status of any referrals.

Request for Presentation or Training

Want to know more about Help Me Grow? Our staff can present at your organization to explain our model and answer any questions your team may have.

We can also provide training and technical assistance on developmental screening practices to medical providers.

“Help Me Grow staff are able to uncover potential issues and connect families to services. We appreciate the efforts of Help Me Grow to outreach to all in the community.”

– Pat Bohm, Executive Director of Daily City Partnership

“I’d like to thank Help Me Grow and to let providers know that they’ve been helpful. I appreciate the services I’ve received to learn from the providers who are serving my child so that he can reach his full potential.”

– Ana D., Parent
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